What is Corona Labs SDK

Corona SDK is the leading mobile app development framework.

From games to eBooks to business apps, Corona is unmatched in giving mobile app developers the ability to develop high quality content at record speeds. Corona SDK is only the start; our vibrant community, educational resources, and complementary development tools, make Corona the top choice among mobile app developers.


Develop apps 10x faster

Corona dramatically boosts your productivity. Thanks to our elegant APIs, tasks like animating objects, creating UI widgets or enabling physics take only a few lines of code.

Changes are instantly viewable in the Corona Simulator and building to your own mobile device is a breeze.


Go cross-platform with ease

Corona is the best solution for developing cross-platform apps for all major platforms and devices.

Write once and build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK at the touch of a button. You can instantly track changes in the Corona Simulator to ensure your app looks flawless on all devices.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and take away the pain of platform fragmentation.

Leverage industry standards

Corona is built on mobile and industry standards including OpenGL, OpenAL, Google Maps, Box2D physics, Facebook Connect, Game Center, in-app purchases and much more. Using Corona, you’ll enjoy access to the same stack, architecture and services used by the most sophisticated mobile development studios, without having to employ a team of engineers to maintain your platform.

We’ve incorporated the best possible components for your mobile app development efforts.
Forget fragmentation

Corona will make your cross-platform app development a breeze.

Corona automatically chooses the right assets based on screen resolution and will scale your content, depending on the screen size of a user’s device.

Worried about Android fragmentation?

Don’t be. We cover all the bases, testing across dozens of Android devices to avoid issues like rendering errors arising from small device chipset differences (yes, it happens!).
Publish and monetize

With Corona, you retain all rights to your apps.

We never take revenue share, but we will make it as easy as possible to publish on all the top app stores.

Corona gives you all the options to monetize your apps – choose from leading ad networks and mediation layers or monetize using in-app purchases.
Enjoy ultimate flexibility

Corona is renowned for game creation, but is an equally powerful tool for other app types including business apps, utility apps, educational apps, eBooks and more.

Are you interested in HTML5 mobile apps? Corona is a fantastic tool – use one of our fully HTML5-compliant webviews combined with OpenGL-based graphics and effects to develop apps that truly break the mold.
Take advantage of Corona’s thriving ecosystem

Corona SDK is just the start.

Once you join the Corona family, you’ll enjoy access to:
Community – Our forums are filled with developers offering tips, sharing code and lending a helping hand.
Events – Our Corona user groups span the globe and at our events you’ll find like-minded developers to engage with, learn from and collaborate with.
Resources – Our site is chock-full of helpful tutorials and sample code.
Tools – Developers from our community have built fantastic tools around Corona. From Kwik, a Photoshop-based tool for creating beautiful eBooks, to Corona Project Manager, a time-saving IDE, the Corona ecosystem is growing by the day.